Fight Evolution 2

Dont we just get sick of seeing people fight in a night club? Unless if we put a boxing ring into the club, get them to punch each other in the face in that ring while we watch over a couple rounds of beers and maybe 1 or 2 shots of whiskey. And now imagine, those who are fighting in that ring, happen to be skilled and trained fighters from the finest gyms across Singapore. Now thats entertainment.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2nd of it's kind. Fight Evolution is one of our unique series that combines both boxing and kickboxing bouts. We create the element of diversity as fans and fighters of both arts come together and share their passion in this event. Nothing can be more thrilling than Singapore's leading night club, Zouk, turned into a fight arena, yet retain it's visual lightings and compelling sound system.

Brace yourselves and witness the spectacular display of hard, swift, rapid strikings to the head and body, with loud music, against a wave of lighting array, over your favorite party drink and a free after-party in Zouk itself! An amazing and intense evening not to be missed!

Organizer : Fight Pro-Motion
Official Venue : Zouk
Showcase : 7 bouts of kickboxing, 5 bouts of boxing of 3 rounds with the duration of 3 minutes per round
Sponsors : Sandee, MMA Instyle, and Everlast
Sanctioning Body : Singapore Amateur Boxing Association
Participating Gyms: Fight Pro-Motion, Vanda Boxing Club, Yod Kai Muay, Trifecta, Bia Muay Thai, Impact MMA, Spartans Boxing Club, King of Strength, Rev FC, The Right Fit

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Sat Apr 23, 2016
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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Standard SOLD OUT $35.00
Venue Address
17 Jiak Kim St, Singapore 169420 Singapore